Sunday, November 30, 2014

Mountain Biking Memorial Park

One of my goals for this past Fall season was to ride as many of the Houston area mountain bike trails as I could.  Then I crashed hard at the Anthills in Terry Hershey Park and spent a solid 4 weeks off all bikes.  Now almost three months later and still have some pain in my elbow, in particular when I hold my mountain bike handlebars.  There is something about that angle when on my MTB that makes my elbow pain flair up.  Aside from the physical recovery there is also the psychological factor.  I had been pretty gun shy about getting out on the trails, but I knew I needed to get out there, so I went to Memorial Park the Saturday after Thanksgiving and had a great time.

Memorial Park has seven mountain bike trails, five of them (purple, orange, yellow, blue, and red trails) are together in one section near the rugby pitch, softball field, and volleyball courts.  Here is the entrance and map of the trails

The trails are pretty well marked

I started on the Blue trail which is near the entrance just off to the left. It is probably the hardest trail of the five, and still being gun shy, I walked the more technical pieces. I then hopped on the Purple trail for a short time until I got on the Orange trail, and then back on Purple around the perimeter and back to the car.

One of the drops on the Blue Trail

Turn on Blue Trail

View from Top of, I think is the, big drop on the Purple Trail

Looking up at the drop

Bridge on Orange trail

Looking up at a drop on Orange Trail

Orange Trail

View of the Buffalo Bayou
Buffalo Bayou

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

HTX Bike Fest Pictures

Managed to make it for the last hour of HTX Bike Fest.  30+ booths of bike shops and vendors, BMX ramps, a freestyle section.  I hope to spend more time here next year.  This should definitely be on your calendar as well.  Here are some pictures

Hector Garcia, the guy who puts on the Fest, getting some freestyle action in

Gold Sprints

Karbach's name and beer stands were everywhere