Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Text When George Bush Park Flooded Needs Adjusting

I have previously written about one of my favorite bike commuting tools the USGS SMS Update when George Bush Park is flooded.   Unfortunately this tool no longer seems to be effective.  The Army Corps of Engineers is strengthening the dam and moving the current water gate and this looks to have effected the USGS sensors in the dam.  From September through November 2016 the USGS wasn't even providing text updates.  The service has resumed but the park was flooded this morning at just over 82'.  In the past the park was always passable up to 84'.  So I am thinking I may need to change my SMS alert to anytime the water level is above 80'.  I'll keep playing with it and please let me know what you are finding

Flooded George Bush Park
Hard to see in the dark but this is looking East towards Barker Cyrpress after passing the wood boardwalk.  The path is flooded

George Bush PArk Flooded at just over 82'