Sunday, March 27, 2016

Grand Parkway Ride Pictures

A friend passed along these photos of last weekends Grand Parkway Ride.  He said the road was smooth, uncrowded, and fun to experience sans cars.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Sheriff Hands Out Tickets At Bluebonnet Express

Last Sunday was the Bluebonnet Express ride that starts and stops in Waller, TX.   This is one of the most popular BPMS 150 recommended rides and hosts over a thousand riders. Unfortunately the Waller County Sheriff decided to brag on their Facebook page about issuing 25-30 tickets.  As a percentage of riders the ticket count is pretty low.  What I don't like is the the Waller Sheriff Office has decided to boast about writing tickets and basically play into the car vs bike tensions.  The comments on the page are dismal as expected.  This is how public officials are supposed to behave?

Friday, March 4, 2016

Grand Parkway Ride- Ride On Brand New Freeway!

Now is prime season for riding in Houston.  The weather isn't blazing hot and humid and there are a bunch of organized rides leading up to the largest charity bike ride in the USA the- MS 150, including the Bluebonnet Express and the Tour De Houston.  Bluebonnet Express is a really well organized ride run by the Northwest Cycling Club and the Tour De Houston is nice because the route changes yearly and allows for seeing areas of Houston from the perspective of your bike you may not otherwise see.  But I am really excited about the Grand Parkway Ride.  This March 19th the new Grand Parkway Freeway will be closed to car traffic on a 12.5 mile section between Hwy 59 and I45.  You know this road is going to be smooth and fast.  And having the option to ride your bike on a road that will be closed of the bicycles is a great opportunity.

Upcoming Rides:
MS 150

Bluebonnet Express 

Tour De Houston

Grand Parkway Ride