Saturday, January 25, 2014

Sun & Ski "Bike U"

Went to the Bike U at Sun & Ski on Westheimer last night.  Easily over a hundred people attended.  There was free booze and food along with clinics on bike maintenance, training for the MS 150 ride, riding safely etc.  Several sales reps from bike manufacturers and accessory makers were there to talk about their products.  And my main purpose for going- free bike fits!

When I showed up to the area they were doing the fits there were thirteen people on the wait list in front of me and a cute young girl was getting fitted.  I looked at her and thought, "great her fitting will take forever while Bike Shop Hero works on getting her number".  But as it turns out my wait wasn't too bad.  This was my first time in the shop so I roamed around and was impressed with the place.  My fitting was interesting.  The first thing the mechanic said when I mounted the bik was he would need to raise my seat but when he got his protractor out my knee angle was okay.  He then asked me if I had a fitting before.  Nope never but he ended up not changing anything other than the angle my seat.  I had told him my hands were getting sore easy and I was slipping around on my seat so we decided to raise the angle up a bit.  We'll see.

Good job to the folks at Sun & Ski.  They hosted a good size crowd but it never felt crowded and kept a good vibe the whole time I was there.  I hope the mechanic got the girl's number too.

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