Monday, March 23, 2015

Spring Creek Greenway

North of George Bush Airport in Spring is the Spring Creek Greenway.  Currently the Spring Creek Greenway has about 12 miles of shared-use paths with plans to expand even further.  The shared-use path along the greenway connects Dennis-Johnston Park, Pundt Park, and Jesse Jones Park.  This path is just winding enough to keep a cyclist interested, and even has some small elevation changes. For someone who rides through George Bush Park all the time it is refreshing to have to pay attention to the curves in the road and shift gears occasionally. The scenery is great.  And just like G Bush and other bayou trails it is great to not have to worry about cars and their texting operators.

I parked at Pundt Park and started heading East from there

View from parking lot at Pundt Park
Start of the shared-use path
 Beautiful scenery, smooth well paved, fun winding path.  This one is a recommended ride.  Enjoy some pictures:


  1. That's a great ride with no autos... just watch for squirrils, rabbits/hares, birds, garter snakes, herons, an owl, deer, and I think it was a beaver...

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