Thursday, May 14, 2015

Energy Corridor Bike To Work Day 2015

Today makes two years in a row I didn't commute via bike on Bike To Work Day.  Last year George Bush was flooded and this year there is supposed to be lightning in the PM.  I don't mind riding in the rain, and kind of enjoy it actually, but after a too close for comfort ride in a lightning storm two years ago I am now extremely gun shy about riding if there is supposed to be lightning.  Ah no, I got to call bullshit on me.  I just wanted to sleep in an extra hour this morning!  Either way there was no biking to work today.

Here is the Energy Corridors bike to work site

I can't seem to get their maps to work but I posted them last year

Coming soon I'll post the details of the route to my new work site.


  1. For those who didn't sleep in, The Energy Corridor BTW Day was a success. Here is the link to the route maps for biking into the EC

  2. As it turns out the thunder storm cleared out just in time for the commute home, though Bush park looks just barely short of flooding. Next year!