Saturday, June 18, 2016

Pictures: George Bush Park Still Flooded

George Bush Park has been flooded since April 18th.  Today's June 18th email alert from the USGS has the Barker reservoir at 90.87 feet and it needs to get to 84' to be passable.  In the past when the park has flooded it seemed like the park lost about .50-.75" of water per day.  If that is true we are six to eight days from being able to ride through the park again.  If we get no more rain- please please please!

USGS Chart of elevation of reservoir water at Barker Reservoir

I decided to check out the park and see what it looked like after being under water for two months.  Below are the pictures of my ride.  I entered the park from the FFPS soccer fields on the West side of the park. I've never seen it this flooded and, unless a lot water is let out from the reservoir, I have a hard time seeing the path clear for weeks.  Again, everything is conditional on NO MORE RAIN!
Warning side as soon as you enter the multi-use trail from the bridge that leads to the FFPS soccer fields

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