Friday, September 25, 2015

Cyclocross Season In Houston Starts

I first heard about cyclocross back in the  Eighties when I rode with a high school friend who was far more advanced in bike riding than me.  I honestly couldn't get his enthusiasm for taking your road bike and pounding it through the forest.  But now I get the appeal in particular in a place like Houston where we ride miles and miles of flat roads.  The switch to going over a course that changes from pavement, to grass, to sand, to running over barriers sounds like fun.  And now there is easy access to specialized bikes just for cyclocross.  What more $$ to spend on bikes? Shocking.

The Houston Grand Prix Of Cyclocross starts September 26th and spans five races ending on November 21st.  The locations of the races move from park to park.  My old butt is too slow to race but I plan on taking the family to watch a couple the races.  Here is the series schedule and pasted below is the flyer for the first race in Sugarland.  Now I need to go find a cowbell.

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