Friday, April 1, 2016

BPMS150 Bike Inspections Free Until April 8th

If you are riding in the BPMS 150 ride this year, now is the time to get your bike inspected.  Inspections are free until April 8th at all official MS 150 Bike Shops.  After April 8th the inspections are $15.  Once your bike passes inspection they will put a sticker on your stem and the sticker entitles you to free labor on any repairs you may need during the ride.  Last year I didn't get an inspection and when the cleat came off my shoe a guy working a repair booth screwed it back in at no charge.  So I'm not sure how important the sticker is, but if you have some free time, why not get the bike looked at for free?

Yesterday I got my inspection at the shop where I bought my bike The Bike Route in Sugarland.  When I dropped it off I told them the derailleur was missing every once in a while when shifting and they went ahead and fixed it.  I have to admit I cringed a bit when paying $15 for them to tighten a cable I could have done myself.  But after riding today, my bike is so damn quiet and smooth, I would say it purrs but that's too loud.  It feels like a brand new bike again.  Greg at Bike Route does some damn good work and sometimes you do get what you pay for!  So get your inspection and hopefully enjoy a smooth ride.

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