Wednesday, April 6, 2016

MS-150 Packet Picked Up & Ready To Roll April 16 & 17Packet

MS 150 rider packet and goody bag

Went to Memorial Park and got my rider packet for next weekends MS-150 ride.  This year with Houston's petroeconomy in the tank raising the required $400 minimum was much harder.  I also heard ridership will be down to about 11,000 riders.  I''m looking forward to seeing if I notice a difference on the roads with less riders.  Also with the Waller County Sheriff announcing his deputies won't support the ride, and his new zeal for ticketing cyclists, it could make that part of day 1 interesting.  I'm not going to mention his penchant for losing machine guns or the very tragic death of Sandra Bland in his jail.

Waller Sheriff ready for the MS 150

Route map

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