Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sunny, Not Warm & MS 150 fears

Weather for bicycle traininig ride through George Bush Park
Sunny but cold and windy day.  What does the MS 150 have in store??

Got in a quick 13 miles through George Bush Park today around Noon.  It was a really bright sunny day but cold at 41 degrees and windy as all hell.  Last year at this time I was only riding as a commuter but I can tell you it wasn't this cold for this long.  It seems like every training ride I have had since November has been in the cold or wind or both.  I have been told that the MS150 ride usually features some tough weather and that last year was the first good weather MS 150.  I keep telling myself this is great conditioning in case the April 12 & 13 MS 150 has tough conditions, but now I think the best description for my feelings on training for the ride is foreboding.

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