Monday, February 3, 2014

Energy Riders MS 150 Training- Week 5

Energy Riders MS 150 Bicycle Ride Training- Week 5

Strava bicycle route for MS 150 training ride

This weeks Energy Riders MS 150 training route was similar to last weeks.  We met up at Royal Jr High and made our way to Farm-To-Market Road 359 and headed North for 12 miles where we met out first rest stop at Frey Rd.  This was the same rest stop as last week.

MS 150 bicycling training ride rest stop
This week the rest stop was the start of a 10.7 Mile loop that started East on the Richard Frey Monaville Rd, North on Schmidt Rd, then East again on Frey, then South on Cochran, then West on Bell Rd, then back to Schmidt to head South, to end up on FM 529 heading West to FM 359.  We then had the option to head North on FM 359 for two miles and do another loop, or two or three, or head back to the starting point.

The Route:
The back roads of the loop were bumpy and not the best paved but I only saw two pickups and one car on my two times around the 10 mile loop.  FM 529 is newly paved and really nice, but had no shoulder.  I recommend FM 359 because it is heavily used by cyclists and has a good shoulder.

Our Ride: 
February 1, 2014. Brutal!  Was windy as all hell- 20 mph winds coming from South East. I did 51 miles and got my work in!

Favorite Bike On Ride:
I'm in no way, shape, or form a Trek fan after what they did to my boy Greg LeMond, but beautiful is beautiful.  This is a damn nice bike.

Trek Project One Bicylcle customized with flames


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